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The official 'expanded Lexicon' for the players of

The Ten Seals'. 'TTS' is a mobile PnP, created by a handful of Game Design Students from Berlin, trying to create a new, expanding world.
"Honoured Readers,
at the very outset, I want to thank you, for reading and hopefully legally acquiring the 'Lexicon'. Maybe, this 'Grimoire' may be not as powerful, as the spell book of a Magus, but it wields a different weapon instead. Knowledge! It was my goal, dearest Edilwîbs and Edilmans, to inform You about this marvellous but also dangerous world we live in.
While we live in an Age of Change and unbelievable inventions, we should also remember the past AND present. All the wonders, which are all around us. The mysteries of other cultures and continents. Exotic new and old worlds.
But the Lexicon shall also serve as a grim reminder, to the experience and wrongs of our past. The wars fought. The lives lost. And the horrors, that might still wait for us.
All of that, is for You, my beloved readers. I have wandered the Known World, collecting knowledge to write it all down on these pages. This is my Magnum Opus! My way into the annals of history. May you also excuse every pride, coming from me.
My name is Professor Doctor Ruwals Jennifer Faulstead. Let me tell you something about..."

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